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by Monica Way

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released March 31, 2014

All songs written and performed by Nic Halabicky except additional vocals on "Colorshow" by Ryan Joseph.



all rights reserved


Monica Way Sacramento, California

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Track Name: A Change of Pace
Everybody's waiting 'till their dreaming days are gone, 'cause it took too long to find out what they planned for all along.
These bitter days will start to get to me, they don't have what I need.
You'd never think you'll find just what you need, a miserable defeat.
Everybody's waiting for their golden days to come but I found mine in a bottle, I'm not looking for someone.
Oh nothing else could steal my heart, but a chemical so sweet.
Break me down and tear me up, sweep me off my feet.
One time I had a taste but it fell right underneath.
It was my time to waste. I've got a need.
Man I got a question but I'm too afraid to ask, I'm still waiting here for nothing and the time is getting fast.
Won't someone come and break me out, I'm trapped in this machine.
Summer's gone and heading south, brown eternally.
Track Name: The Great Escape
Tonight, sweet opium will wrap its arms' around me.
I'd die and wouldn't care if anyone could find me.
I've got pictures in my head that define sweet oblivion.
All the people in the world, they couldn't keep me from what I'm doing.
Tonight, I'd throw away what's left of this occasion.
I'd write and never come back from this destination.
I hope this feeling never ends but oh well, whom I kidding?
All the people in the world couldn't rob me of what I'm doing.
Track Name: It Wasn't an Accident
If I ever get out and get away from this. It could destroy all of my doubt and apprehension, but who gives a fuck?
One day I found the right words to say but then I forgot 'em.
It wouldn't matter anyway 'cause everything's borrowed.
And I would try to find a way but I'm pretty lazy.
I think I'll stay here all day. Things could get hazy.
Don't give it time at all. Just let it get away from you.
I heard it all before and not sitting around.
If I ever get out, it would be hard to miss 'cause I have nothing but doubt in everything I make but it's ok.
I have everything I need, right here in my head.
I don't believe in anything but me.
And from what I can see, everything's underwhelming.
Sometimes it can be hard to see but it can save me.
Track Name: Summer
Write it down and hide it underneath.
Say it now, that we are just a machine.
One day you'll find me under water.
If I was so inclined I could drift farther.
I have been exposed to you and everything you are.
Just leave me alone for a few and think of just how far.
Now everything will be ok if we can find something to take.
Feels just like I stay in place while everyone gets faster paced for you.
Can't let you get close to me. Is this the way it's supposed to be?
Please say before you run away is this the route we have to take?
So i'll just keep on talking, 'till someone shuts me up.
Well, I've been thinking way too much but no one knows just how I mean. Death's around the corner. Or at least that's how it seems, seems like I lived my whole life behind the eyes of a movie screen.
Waking up to another excuse.
Adding up the days abuse.
All the money's in my arm. Killing me softly. Well, I turned and I became someone, never thought that I would be.
But I'll get myself together, find out what went wrong because time keeps getting faster, it'll find a way to get you down.
And everything will be ok if we can find something to take.
Feels just like I stay in place while everyone gets faster paced for you.
Can't let you get close to me. Is this the way it's supposed to be?
Please say before you run away, is this the route we have to take?
I'm growing bored and getting tired of re-living all my desires.
So take whatever's left of me and use it for something pretty.
So trapped in this complacency, is this how we want it to be?
Track Name: Never Left Alone
Time is moving on, it's leaving me behind.
Right before my eyes.
One would think I'm much too young to call the mid-life.
Wasn't my desire.
Got this feeling.
I could never say those words too many times.
That you're the one I want.
I would die a thousand times inside my mind,
if I don't say it once.
Got this feeling.
There's no reason.
Got this feeling. Won't go away for so long.
There's no reason for this pain, what went wrong?
Never have taken it so well,
that panicked feeling I can't quell.
Now the source of escalation is what makes it go away.
Got this feeling. Won't go away for so long.
Where I'm leading had been astray 'fore the dawn.
I haven't lost it until now,
shaking the beast that waits to pounce.
Now the best kind of relief will always ultimately tear it down.
Track Name: The End
It's such a shame, that a life could so quickly turn into waste.
That time always ends sooner than you think.
It's just a shame.
I feel a pain, when I think of all whose time has been erased.
Though they tell you that in death there is no shame.
I am afraid.
Now that I know that god is but a comfort to the mind.
Everybodies light is snuffed out in good time.
Don't make it right.
It's so imposing. Try as I might it's not something you mend.
You can close your eyes and shut your ears pretend.
It's not the end.
Now I would never think or try to tell you how to live your life,
that's if and when I can decide exactly how I should live mine.
No I'm not here to give advice, 'cause in this game no one survives.
All we can say is it's a ride and find the very best way to waste our time.